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Provence Lavandes

Woven Lavender & Satin Wands, Metallic

What a beautiful way to add a touch of France and the fragrant scent of lavender into your home. These wands, crafted by artisans in Provence, feature stems of fresh lavender woven with beautiful satin and metallic ribbon. Place one in a drawer, on a door handle or use it as a decorative accent.

Handmade by Provence Lavandes. Transport yourself to Provence with this unique treasure! Each wand is sold individually.

COLOR OPTIONSÌ_(pictured left to right): Ivory/Gold, Pale Blue/Silver

Measures approximately 8" long x 2" wide.

The History:Ì_Long ago, lavender wands were presented to a fiancí©e to preserve her trousseau.Ì_ After marriage, they were used to perfume linens stored in closets and drawers.

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